The Problem

Torrance Outreach for Unified Community Health (TOUCH) is a group of Christian churches, non-profit organizations, health-care entities, professionals, and concerned citizens who are dedicated to improving the health of their community in Torrance, California. TOUCH is about helping those who have no health insurance or are underinsured. This group of people continues to grow throughout the United States. Often, they receive extremely expensive and fragmented care in emergency departments of hospitals. TOUCH exists to alleviate this problem through cooperative arrangements

Medical Home

TOUCH believes that we must reduce the expensive and episodic delivery of health care through providing access to preventive services and screenings. Free and reduced-cost clinics that will serve as a medical home for those who are under or uninsured are also anticipated. To achieve this goal, the TOUCH Coalition consists of people and organizations who are committed to establishing a network of fixed and mobile clinics that will coordinate care for this population.

Get Involved

TOUCH is forming a steering committee to organize community resources for action. Sign up to be alerted when our first community meeting will occur.

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